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Plan-B Digital StartUp Media is an initiative by OpEx StartUp Accelerator in orders to aware the public about StartUp Ecosystem, its challenges and opportunities on one platform.


This is Maharashtra’s First Digital StartUp Magazine to be launched on 6th SEP 2019 at Kolhapur. This magazine is connecting people through popular social networking site WhatsApp with Free Subscription.

Today, India is surprisingly struggling with unemployment due to imbalance between Job Seekers & Job Creators. A small attempt like this magazine can enable the rise of Job creators in the society and can contribute in solving unemployment crisis.


This media is reaching Youth, Students, Professionals and Women in order to kick-start entrepreneurial mind-set in the best way possible using internet media. Setting us your business venture can be a best alternative option rather than choosing a Job after graduation, this is the reason why magazine has branded as ‘Plan-B’ which implies Best Alternative Option.


Media Contents

  1. StartUp Stories

  2. StartUp Opportunities

  3. Women Entrepreneurship

  4. Policies & Regulations of Government

  5. StartUp Founders Talk

  6. Lessons to Start StartUp

  7. Trends in India StartUp

  8. StartUp Happenings near you

  9. News & Happenings

  10. Daily StartUp Motivation

  11. Events, Workshops, Conferences for StartUp