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MakeMeHire is Registered & Recognized StartUp by DIPP Government of India.

This is First of its kind Skill-Based Online Recruitment Marketplace for Healthcare Industry. It is Smartphone Android application which integrates, connects and facilitates Employers and Candidates on Single Platform.


It is highly difficult for HR department of Pharm Industry, Pathology Labs, Hospitals and other healthcare industries to pick the right talent amongst the pool of graduates.

MakeMeHire provides AI based solution for this problem through Android App. Each Candidate has to register on App with his/her preferred job domain and qualification. Then he/she will be asked to go through a Skill-Test which calculates Skill-Rating amongst the pool available of App. Then It displays list of candidates as per their skill-rating, preferred domain, qualification and experience.


On other hand, HR can be logged as Employer at this portal where he can post his job along with Skill required for the Job. HR can decide the level of skills required with the help of digital dialler on app, where he can fix the values from 10% to 100%. He can then analyse applicants by visiting their profiles.

This will help employer to contact the most relative and skilful candidate for the job. Through this process, employers can cut down the cost of

  • Campus Hiring

  • Print Media Advt

  • Walk In Process

  • Consulting fees to the placement agents.