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 Pharma Placement Program 

 Personal Mentoring & Guaranteed Placements 

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Getting Dream Job became Simple Now

Available Jobs for Placements

  • Formulation R&D

  • Clinical Research

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Medical Coding

  • Manufacturing Operations

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control

  • Hospital Pharmacist

Job Location of your Choice 

  • Goa

  • Pune

  • Mumbai

  • Aurangabad

  • Nasik

  • Bangalore

  • Hyderabad

  • Chennai

Job interview

Mentoring + Placements is our Expertise 

 Our Industry Connect 

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 Who Can Apply? 

M. Pharm / B. Pharm / D. Pharm / B. Sc. / M. Sc. / Pharm MBA / General MBA / PG Diploma

 Program Outline 









  • Apply online and pay a Rs. 1000 application fee.

  • Undergo a Pre-Screening Interview (Virtual Mode); if rejected, you’ll get back Rs. 1000 refund.

  • If selected, pay the remaining program fees and be a part of complete placement program.

  • Undergo series of one-to-one mentoring sessions and mock interviews (Virtual Mode)

  • Within 60 days, receive two job offers through the program.

 Program Fees 

  • D. Pharm. / B. Sc. / M. Sc.: 4,000 INR

  • B. Pharm. / General MBA: 6,000 INR

  • M. Pharm. / Pharm. MBA / PG Diploma: 9,000 INR

Duration of the Program: ​60 Days


Total Program Fees covers:

  1. Application Fees of 1000 INR is inclusive 

  2. Mock Interview & Pre Screening Interview

  3. Series of Counselling & Mentoring Sessions

  4. Copy of Book ‘The Pharmaceutical Interview Guide’

  5. Online Course Access on App & Certification

  6. Two Job Offers (2 Placement Opportunities in Two Companies)

 Terms & Conditions 

  • Program offers two job offers to candidates within 60 days, allowing them to choose from listed companies and locations. It combines mentoring sessions and placement opportunities, with fees covering program costs.

  • Refund policy:

    • If a candidate is rejected in both interviews, they receive a 50% refund within 15 days.

    • No refunds if the candidate doesn't join a selected company, misses an interview, receives another job offer during the program, or decides not to continue.

 Feedback of our Proud Candidates 

I am lucky to receive right mentoring & placement support at the right time of my career. Thank you OpEx for the First JOB of my life

Vaishnavi Kulkarni

Formulation R&D Associate, Group Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore

Thank you Sachin Sir & OPEX for the tips & techniques for the Interviews. Your mentoring & industry connect helped me with this job.

Mayur Kolhatkar

Officer, Manufacturing Operations at FDC, Goa

Thank you for helping with my placements. I was always doubtful about my career choices, but this program has helped me a lot. Thank you sir !

Anagha Ajagekar

Clinical Research Associate, BioRadius CRO, Pune

Many thanks to Team OPEX for helping me get this job. I am sure this will really a kickstarter to my career. Students like me should always take this support. 

Rushikesh Kale

Territory Manager, MB Chemicals, Pune Region

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